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March 30th, 2011

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01:58 pm - currently watching
i'm currently following lady saigo no hanzai, control (downloaded but haven't really seen them) and bartender (recently downloaded).

1. Lady~
i love kitagawa keiko for her acting skills,she seems effortless and not trying too hard in most of her dramas that i've watched,in this drama as well.but don't you think she's too cute to be a profiler?heheh. at first i was not excited to watch it, but then after a couple of episodes i'm hooked!it's a typical renzoku drama but the casts make the stories interesting.i haven't watched the last episode (ep10) yet,can't wait for the sub ;p keiko chan can really act!

2. control
to be honest i just download this for the sake of yoko.that's all. and i haven't seen them! it's another police story i guess?bleh..kinda boring..but we'll see.

3. bartender
i know aiba plays the main role but not excited to watch or download. then i saw someone posted about it that ryo chan will be on guest star in ep6 so i started watching it ;p i think i like it so far (up till ep2). but they exaggerate the bartenders' gestures,i don't know how it looks like in real life but that's what i think.is the drama adapted from manga?aiba chan needs to work on his acting skills because he looks stiff.learn from nino yo.hihihi

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